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RCC JAZZ 2018-19 EVENTS (as of 8-14-18)

Classes & Rehearsals Begin Monday, August 27

Wednesday, September 5, 11:30 Music Major/minor Meeting, CSA Concert Hall

Sunday, September 30, Concert for Homeless, 4pm, CSA Concert Hall

Monday, October 1, 5-7pm, Big Band Masterclass, CSA

Wednesday, October 10, 5-7pm, Combos Masterclass, CSA

Monday, October 22, RCC Jazz Ensembles concert, 7pm, CSA Concert Hall

Wednesday, October 24

Big Bands at Mario'€™s

Monday, October 29, RCC Jazz Ensemble and Mon Eve Jazz at Santiago HS, 7pm

Monday, November 19, 5-7pm, Big Band Masterclass CSA 

Wednesday, November 21, 5-7pm, Combos Masterclass, CSA

November 29, Lab Jazz Bands Concert and Thur Eve jazz, 7pm, CSA Concert Hall

Monday, December 3, RCC Jazz Ensemble and Mon Eve Jazz & Vocal Jazz with APU Jazz Ensemble and Vocal Jazz, 7pm, CSA Concert Hall

December 4, Jazz Combos Concert, 7pm, CSA Concert Hall

Saturday, December 8, Holiday Extravaganza

Thursday, February 21, Landmark Jazz Night, 5:30pm

Saturday, February, 23, RCC Tune-Up Jazz Festival, CSA

Wednesday, March 13, 5-7pm, Big Band Masterclass, CSA 

Monday, March 25, RCC Jazz Ensembles Concert, 7pm, CSA Concert Hall

Thursday, March 28, Combo Masterclass and concert with Paul Carman, 5pm

April Tour ????

Friday, April 19, Honor Jazz Auditions

May 1, 2, 3 Honor Jazz Rehearsals

May 4, Moreno Valley USD jazz Festival

May 5, Honor Jazz Concert

May 10 & 11, RCC Jazz Festival featuring Kim Richmond, CSA 

Wednesday, May 15, Big Bands at Mario's

June 4, Combos Concert, 7pm, CSA Concert Hall